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Final Countdown.
The time has come. This Saturday, Splurge 2 will hit the hands of the readers, and all the while supporting local campus radio and local street press. Here's a recap of the day's events on October 25th.

Edmonton Micropress Underground Small Press Fair.
  • 12pm - 4pm
  • Free to attend
  • Showcasing a taste of local Edmonton small press, and what it has to offer.
Splurge 2, Urban Graffiti X, Grand launch. 
  • 4pm - Late!
  • Featuring Live Music, Live Dj's, The CJSR Fundrive booth, and a whole lotsa fun!
  • Live Acts Include: Thea Vs. Loki, Great Lemongrad, How We Laugh Like Friends, Dreamleese, The Blazing Violets, The Southern Pink, A.O.K. (Assault Of Knowledge), & The Yells.
  • Only $5 for 8 Bands, and all funds raised goes to CJSR and Edmonton Street News!
Hope to see you there!
2X: Splurge 2, It's In The Works.

"Twice the Zines. Twice the Charities. Twice the Excitement."

On Saturday October 25th, Greensleeve Editions, CJSR, and theArtery present the launch of not one, but two zines on the same day. Greensleeve's Splurge (on it's 2nd issue), and Urban Graffiti (on it's 10th issue) are being released together in support of the CJSR Fundrive, and Edmonton Street News. Also being unveiled on October 25th, is the inaugural installment of Edmonton's newest micropress affiliation: Edmonton Micropress Underground. The Fair will be free of charge (held from Noon to 4pm), and will feature a collection of local E-town Micropresses, their representatives and publications.

Following the fair is the days main event, which is being held on the main level of theARTery, will feature live music from local bands: Thea Vs Loki, The Blazing Violets, The Yells, The Southern Pink and more. The main event will go from 4pm until 12am. $5 Cover.

All proceeds from the door and Zine Donation Box will be given directly to CJSR in support of the fundrive, and Edmonton Street News.

Come out and have fun in support of your local campus radio and street newspaper. It promises to be a splurging great time.

Recap: Fair $0. Bands $5.
A Word From Your Friendly Neighborhood Small Press Beast

Plans are afoot for the next zine launch which is in mid production. The next issue sports a new look, a new direction and a few other interesting surprises (Spoiler warning ahead!):
  • Larger page format
  • Increased page number
  • Color cover, possible color all throughout
Also in the works, is a new venue for the release party. I'm in process of pinning one down, but I'm currently working with these needs in mind:
  • Multiple rooms to facilitate the linking of a live music show, and a small press fair with tables for other micro-pressers to show off their wares
  • Possible live broadcast over the radio from the show to help promote the bands and bring other media closer together with the small press community
These new developments, and my venue goals are all in keeping with my goal of bringing the micro-pressers and zinesters of Edmonton closer together, increasing local awareness of the importance and effect of literary self-expression on the cultural development of our urban centre, and to bring cohesion to micro-pressers who have yet to find it in other associations around town. 

Also planned for this event will be the inauguration of a new way for Edmonton micro-pressers to connect, network, and share ideas about new projects. Expect more information on this front in the coming weeks as plans solidify for its unveiling. 

Any comments or suggestions, submissions for splurge, or ideas otherwise are always welcome at my email: deadheaddevo@gmail.com. 


Splurge is currently looking for submissions for the next issue. If you'd like to have your voice heard, read through the submission guidelines below and see what you can come up with! We look forward to seeing your work!

SPLURGE welcomes any and all critiques, comments or ideas concerning the nature of the articles, the general effect of the publication personally or otherwise, and even on the zine itself. We also encourage submissions of anything you feel worthy and fitting within future issues of a literary, photographic, otherwise visually artistic, or sardonic nature. And Besides. The worst we can do is find out where you live, break in, and leave a cordial note of how and why it didn't fit on your fridge.

_MANDATE: SPLURGE is a Zine that decodes and defaces the ostentation of contemporary consumer culture; pulling back the thin veneer of our so called "Modern" existence to show the ugly truth of what lies beneath our daily actions and inactions, revealing the depths of depravity inflicted by this disney-replica of reality that demands the sacrifice of the real for the hyper-real. Their price is cheap: just everything you are.


_LITERARY: Prose, Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, and Creative Non-fiction are all acceptable. No set essay structure needed, quotations optional (although citing of web/publication sources are encouraged if used). Hold no punches. It can include personal experiences, observations, anything. Most important is your thoughts and feelings on the state of society and the effect of consumerism on modern culture. Please limit word count to 2000 words or less.

_PHOTOGRAPHIC: Photo Essays, and Portfolio's Excerpts are both accepted. Please send HI-RES scans of the piece(s), no originals please.

_VISUAL ART: Any art excluding that of a Photographic nature is accepted for possible inclusion as background for page spreads or inclusion elsewhere throughout the publication. Please include along with the piece any suggestions you may have for possible use. Please send HI-RES scans of the piece(s), no originals please.

_CLASSIFIEDS: Classifieds of a socially/politically relevant and sardonic nature are accepted for use in the classifieds section of SPLURGEZINE. Please no derogatory, defaming, or hateful speech.

Send all correspondences/submissions to:
c/o Devin McCawley,
email: deadheaddevo@gmail.com

SPLURGEZINE retains the right to reprint ALL accepted submissions in anthology form. All other rights revert to the respective artists and authors. Compensation is made in copies upon publication.
They Came, They Danced, They Splurged!!!

After a four year hiatus from micro-press publishing, Greensleeve Editions launched the inaugural issue of Splurge, edited by Devin McCawley -- a zine which decodes and defaces the ostentation of contemporary consumer culture: by any means necessary -- at Edmonton's Black Dog Freehouse (10425 - 82 Avenue) on Sunday, April 13th, 2008. Payment for the zine was in the form of charitable donations (see earlier posts for more info). Besides the Black Dog donating their space for the event, the following bands also donated their own excellent performances to the cause: TEAM BUILDING, HEADBAND, and THE BLAZING VIOLETS. Big Rock Brewery also donated a dollar from every Big Rock sold during the launch to our chosen charitable recipient for the event: Edmonton Street News. A very big thank you to everyone who donated their time, energies, and cash to make this launch a success, both up front and behind the scenes (you know who you are...wink, wink) and to all those who came out to the release party. An especially big thank you goes to the owner and management of the Black Dog Freehouse, Big Rock Brewery (for their forward thinking), and to the bands -- without your participation, there wouldn't have been any event.

For those of you who didn't, or couldn't, make it to the launch, free copies of Splurge are now available for download as pdf files.

Remember to support your local food bank, homeless shelter societies, and youth shelters.

We are our brother's keepers.

Splurge is currently accepting submissions for Issue No. 2. All interested, please download a copy of Issue No. 1, along with a copy of the submission guidelines on the second to last page of the publication. Go forth and write, photograph, and subvert! We look forward to seeing your results.

SPLURGE is a zine that decodes and defaces the ostentation

of modern consumer culture: by any means necessary.

Greensleeve Editions