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Updates Updates Updates.
So here we are. Mid-Late March is coming up quickly, and the venue (The Black Dog Freehouse) is still awaiting it's re-opening. In response, I've re-slated the opening once more to a time that the bar has been confirmed to be up and running for at least a week. The new date for the release party is, drum roll please... Sunday, April 13th. Doors open at 2pm, Bands at 5pm. The show is completely free of charge. $0. The band lineup is: Team Building, Headband, and The Blazing Violets.

And now for a few interesting details regarding the unique nature of this launch.
  • The Release Party is being framed as more than just a chance to get your hands on the zine. It's called BYOD (Bring Your Own Donation's). A local street paper called Edmonton Street News (a non-profit, donation based project) is going to be the main beneficiary of what I can only see as the first time a small press has ever attempted to support it's local community in this manner. Other beneficiaries are the local Food Bank, and the Bissell Centre (another two non-profit groups that really support and provide the necessities of life to the marginalized in Edmonton). The donations are being garnered in the following ways:
  • When you go to pick up a copy of Splurge (setup at a table), instead of paying me for a copy you will have three choices of who to donate to and how much:
  1. Cash donations going directly to Edmonton Street News via Linda Dumont (Editor of Edmonton Street News)
  2. Warm clothing donations for the Bissell Centre
  3. Non-perishable food donations for the Food Bank
  • Hopefully in this way I can not only inspire people to start supporting the local community, but also create awareness on how much help these groups need so they can in turn provide aid to the many people of Edmonton who really need their support.
  • The second prong of this benefit party is all thanks to Big Rock. Along with the Black Dog Freehouse (who is gracious and adventurous enough to try something like this with me), Big Rock is sponsoring the event, and like the rest of us, they are also putting their money where their mouth is. For every Big Rock pint sold on the entire day of the release party, they are donating $1 to Edmonton Street News. If 200 people are in attendance and have 2 Big Rock pints each, thats $400 dollars. 250 people? $500. And so on. And with hour long sets from three bands, I know I'll be downing more than 2 pints.
What all of this means is that if you don't care for the zine, and think charity drives and local non-profit groups are silly, by coming down to see a free show with some wicked bands and drinking a few too many cool, refreshing pints of Grasshopper (or perhaps you're a Traditional or Espresso Stout fan), you're still doing your part to help support the local community.

A copy of the Poster and Press Release Form are available above to download, or by clicking the respective links.

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