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A Word From Your Friendly Neighborhood Small Press Beast

Plans are afoot for the next zine launch which is in mid production. The next issue sports a new look, a new direction and a few other interesting surprises (Spoiler warning ahead!):
  • Larger page format
  • Increased page number
  • Color cover, possible color all throughout
Also in the works, is a new venue for the release party. I'm in process of pinning one down, but I'm currently working with these needs in mind:
  • Multiple rooms to facilitate the linking of a live music show, and a small press fair with tables for other micro-pressers to show off their wares
  • Possible live broadcast over the radio from the show to help promote the bands and bring other media closer together with the small press community
These new developments, and my venue goals are all in keeping with my goal of bringing the micro-pressers and zinesters of Edmonton closer together, increasing local awareness of the importance and effect of literary self-expression on the cultural development of our urban centre, and to bring cohesion to micro-pressers who have yet to find it in other associations around town. 

Also planned for this event will be the inauguration of a new way for Edmonton micro-pressers to connect, network, and share ideas about new projects. Expect more information on this front in the coming weeks as plans solidify for its unveiling. 

Any comments or suggestions, submissions for splurge, or ideas otherwise are always welcome at my email: deadheaddevo@gmail.com. 

SPLURGE is a zine that decodes and defaces the ostentation

of modern consumer culture: by any means necessary.

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