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SPLURGEZINE Weblog Up And Running!

This, the 4th of February 2008, marks the inaugural launch of the first web outlet for the new, up and coming wordbomb zine, known as 'Splurge'. At the helm, is Devin McCawley [aka 'dhd' or 'deadheadDevo']: your editor, typesetter, fellow culture-jammer, and all around shit-disturber. As of today, the zine is near completion, with a launch date set for sometime in April. This publication has been a labour of much love/hate, and has been in the works for nearly 3 years.

The release of 'Splurge' also accompanies the reincarnation of a once thought defunct micropress: Greensleeve Editions.

SPLURGE is a zine that decodes and defaces the ostentation

of modern consumer culture: by any means necessary.

Greensleeve Editions